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In our 50’s and 60’s, we’re thinking about life after retirement. Many of us want to continue being productive, but not in our current career. I’ve been there. And I help those people get clarity on what they want to do and guide them on their next steps. They may decide to start a new career, a new business, go back to school, or do deeply satisfying volunteer work. Do you know anyone in that situation?

Retirement doesn't have to be the end of the road. As an Encore Career Coach, Jo can help you find the next path!


re-introduce yourself to you

1. Introspection

Re-Introduce yourself to You!

Learn your personality type: How you perceive your role in social settings, react to stress, and your communication style.

Take stock of all of your experiences: career, volunteer, hobbies, etc.

Dream: How do you picture your typical wonderful day?

what are all your possibilities

2. Plan and Prioritize

What are all your possibilities?

List them, with details about why.

Choose the best fit for you.  (Can be several.  You’re a complex person with lots of experience and gifts!)

Plan how to make it (these) happen.

get going

3. Implement

Get going!

Don’t wait! Do the first steps to put your wonderful future in place how.

As your coach, I will help you through each step, with deep questions you will answer for yourself, prioritizing your actions, encouragement when it feels overwhelming or not possible, and the accountability you want.

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