You’ve dedicated years of your life to your employer’s benefit. It sometimes has been very fulfilling, but lately not so much. Often the difference is due to decisions way above your pay grade.

Now, you’re thinking about life after you leave the cubicle (or corner office).

Or you’ve worked hard for many years to build a successful business. But, maybe you’re thinking it’s time to back off and relax a little. Try something different.

But retirement sounds like one long, scary nothingness, chasing pleasure. And how much rest do you really need?

No worries. There are alternatives between working too many hours and “leisuring” too much.

It would be your Encore Career. The time of life where you have the opportunity to pursue that dream or plan that’s been nesting in the back of your mind for years.

Or to make a difference to someone by using your experience, skills, and wisdom through volunteering.


I’ve been there. And I am passionate about helping you sort out your wishes and possibilities to move into a very satisfying season of life.

I’m Jo Jenkins, Encore Career Coach, and I’d love to talk with you about your dreams for your next season.

Jo Jenkins

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Depending on client needs and desires, we can work on best-fit career search, effective communication, or help solopreneurs and small business owners banish chaos. I have completed 48 Days DISC Personality Profile certification and am currently working toward being a certified 48 Days Coach through Dan Miller’s Coaching Mastery Program. My background includes launching and growing small business, working in ministry, and 23 years in outdoor advertising. I understand how to find the work you love, and am experienced in creating it, not merely applying for an existing position because that is what is available. And we’ll go beyond work to address all aspects of your life. If you chose to go the entrepreneurial route, I know how to guide you through that process. Or, if you’re looking for a new job or profession, I can help you with that, from confirming the career you’re looking at is right for you to polishing your résumé to practicing interviewing. Or if you’ve dreamed of deep fulfillment in volunteerism, we’ll find the need that fits your skillset and the organization that is eager to meet you.

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I look forward to helping you discover and live the work and life you love!