Just picture it:  Endless days to do whatever you want. No alarm waking you out of a sound sleep, commute with inconsiderate fellow travelers, endless, boring meetings, irritating co-workers, or trying to deal with the latest decision corporate heads have come up with. No more fears of losing your income because of consolidation and downsizing. Whew!

Reality check. How long can you really do nothing? Have no goals? No purpose? No new challenges?

Yes, we know you have plans to do volunteer work, join a service club or two, get more involved in your church and community, have more time with family and friends, and spend more time in Bible study, meditation, and prayer.

Well, that does sound good. But without clear direction, you’ll be playing endless rounds of golf or chasing the next great restaurant experience. (Don’t laugh; I know people who do that! They’ll drive an hour or two just for lunch at a new place they heard about.)

So, back to picturing retirement…But wait, what does “retirement” mean to you? Is it that lazy days of summer kind of existence? Or does it mean freedom from someone else’s schedule? Does it mean new opportunity to pursue your dreams and serve your God while serving others? Ah, now that sounds good!

Continuing to learn, grow, and change is life. To not do so makes your world shrink until you have no reason to get up in the morning. Or change out of your PJs.

So, you feel ready to shuck the 40+ hours in the office, factory, shop, wherever. It’s time for something else. Good.

And you have “retirement” funding arranged—Social Security (or other government retirement plan) and savings/investments. Good.

Now, what are you going to do once you’re free of the cords that bind you to your many-decades career?

Not so easy, but it’s a fun ride to get there.

First, do some daydreaming. What did you dream about when you were a child and all of life ahead seemed full of possibilities? What have you enjoyed doing along the way, so much that you lose track of time and realize there is a smile on your whole face?

Write those things down.

Also, write down all the things you’ve done since childhood that you’ve learned, experienced, succeeded in, brought recognition and rewards, lightened someone else’s load or changed their life for the better, and brought you joy.

Somewhere in that list is the seed of what you ought to try next.

It can be a new career, a new business, a revamp of a prior business, volunteering, but always serving…others and your God.

If you’d like a partner to help you dig deeper, to get the courage and direction to take a new direction with your “Encore Career”, I’m there, too. Contact me and we’ll talk about it.