If you’re feeling stuck where you want to be, whether in a job, relationship, or living situation, take a close look at yourself. How do you talk to yourself and others about your dissatisfaction?

Blame, Excuses, Denial

Is it someone else’s fault that you’re unhappy, feeling unfulfilled, or just miserable? Do you make up excuses for why you don’t take action to move outside your comfort zone? Are you pretending you can’t live up to your full potential?

If any or all of these are true, you’re stuck in BED. Please, get up, pull up the sheets, and move on with your life! Your comfy bed is for resting and refreshing, it’s meant to stay in one place And, to be used for only a third of your life.  

Look up and look inside. You were created with a unique set of skills, experiences, and personality for a purpose greater than yourself! Discover how that all fits together and have the courage to pursue what you learn.

Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility

The emotionally healthy, mature person takes ownership of who they are, are accountable for their actions, and responsibility for their present and future.

An oar is a tool of movement, to get from one place to another. It helps your boat or canoe or kayak move swiftly and smoothly across the surface of the water. With a good strong oar, you can go far. Using the oar of ownership, accountability, and responsibility, you can grow into a stronger, more confident person, who uses their resources to serve others and their God. Their life is satisfying because they know progress and growth provide them with more tools to serve and live.

It’s not easy to grow up and be responsible for yourself. But every step toward that makes you stronger and more self-confident. It’s worth the pain when you can look in the mirror every morning and like the person you see there.

ACTION STEP:  Surround yourself with healthy people who will speak positivity and strength into you, people who have your back and understand what you want to accomplish. Who applaud your wins and help you assess and learn from your losses. Know that there will be setbacks, but they don’t define you.

Use that OAR to move forward. You were born for a purpose bigger than you know.

If you’d like to explore working with someone who can help you get that oar in the water so you can get your life underway, contact me. I’d love to help you feel confident about making those changes and improvements for a more fulfilling life.