As a coach, I won’t push you faster or farther than you want to go, but instead help with clarity and action steps, along with accountability to help you to your goals. We’ll begin by exploring who you are, what you know, your experiences, and your “hidden diamonds”. We’ll celebrate your strengths, positives, and accomplishments. Depending on your needs and expected progress, you decide how long and when you need a coach. For that reason, I offer value packages of various lengths.

Coaching sessions are usually via Zoom video conferencing so that we can see each other’s faces, which enhances communication. If you agree, I will record our sessions and share them with you, so they can be used between sessions and later as a reminder of what we covered and action steps you’ll take.

I will share relevant articles, books, and other materials that I believe will enhance your journey. And I’m available via phone, text, or email in between sessions for questions, updates, encouragement, etc.


I like to make sure that I understand you and that we’ll be a good fit as partners in your journey. To start, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we’ll have an initial conversation. If we agree that I’m the right coach for you and you’re at a place where coaching will greatly benefit you, you’ll choose which coaching package fits your needs and budget.


Coaching is Not

1. Counseling

We only discuss the past as it applies to discovery of who you are so that you can move forward to where you want to be in life.

2. Consulting

You are fully in charge of making the changes you want to make. Your coach does not come along to pick apart your life or business to discard what isn’t working and make the needed changes for you. You’re the driver; the coach is the vehichle. 

Since I love to see the beaming smiles that come from transformed lives, I look forward to taking your hand as you travel toward your next unique adventure!

Power Month

When you just need clarity, how to prioritize, and planning next steps, this package is perfect for you. You’ll gain confidence in knowing what is most important to you and start making steps toward your goal.
3 Sessions via phone or Zoom – $500

Productive Quarter

You need to weed out negative thoughts, dig deep into your cherished dreams for your future, set up a plan and start making it happen. You’ll have the confidence, tools, and plan to see your fulfilling next season coming into view.
by-weekly sessions via zoom – $1200

Great Strides

You have truly ambitious dreams and want to work with a coach to be able to make every part come true! In six months, you’ll have made great strides toward your goals, have the tools, plans, and confidence to move along that well-laid path.

13 by-weekly sessions via Zoom – $2200


Monthly membership includes 1 Zoom session, helpful publications, email and phone access to coach each month. This is intended to be follow-up support to intense coaching. – $150

48 Days to the Work (and Life) You Love Seminars

Are you thinking about a new career or a new job and can’t decide what or how to start? 48 Days To the Work (and Life) You Love Seminar is an eight week course that will equip you with the answers and the tools that you need to make your decision and move to the to the work in life you love.

In the kit are the 2020 revised version of best-selling author Dan Miller’s 48 Days To the Work (and Life) You Love, Workbook, “Rudder of the Day” book of daily inspiration, and 48 peppermint candies (a sweet reward for your diligent work). A bonus session on polishing your résumé or how to start a business is included.

The seminar is facilitated by your Career Coach, Jo Jenkins, and is best suited in a group setting (can be in person or via Zoom). However, an individual option is priced at a great value.


Individual – $800

Group (3 or more, each) – $297


DISC Profile Report and Analysis

Learn your personality type: Are you a strong leader? Or is every stranger a potential friend? Or the steady person who makes everyone feel comfortable? Or so detail-oriented you miss deadlines (but everything is perfect)? Most likely, you’re a combination of two or three of these types. A DISC Personality Profile Report helps you know yourself and your communication style more fully. The knowledge gained by the report is valuable for self, but also interpersonal relationships, as you’ll learn to spot the communication styles of your family/friends/co-workers, helping to minimize misunderstandings.


Included: Test, 24- to 26-page detailed report, and an hour with your coach analyzing the results and learning how to apply the insights to your life and relationships. –   $250


Test and report only, without analysis is available for $25.

About You

Click below for an information about you form to share before we begin our introductory conversation. It helps your coach understand you and what you are looking for in a coach. If, at the end of our introductory conversation, either or both of us decide I’m not the right coach for you, I’ll try to find an appropriate referral.

Get Started

I look forward to helping you discover and live the work and life you love!