Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

So, what questions are you asking?

What are you curious about?

What fires your imagination and spirit?

You’re looking at your future, perhaps your “Golden Years”. What do you see? Does it look fulfilling, fun, rewarding? Or, slowing down, getting old and creaky, declining?

Let’s go with the former before giving in totally to ageing!

Your Past

First, think about your past:  When you were ten, what did you dream about doing when you grew up? What have you learned and experienced along the way? What fired your “juices” and got you excited about life, ready to jump into action? What made you feel successful and confident?

Your Present

What is your life today? Are you contented with where you are and what you do with your time? Do you dread Sunday evening because Monday is coming? Or do you wake up each day with enthusiasm for the adventures ahead, the tasks to be accomplished, the people you’ll see?

Your Future

How about your future? What are you thinking about doing in the next season of your life? Do you dream about great travel adventures? Time for your family and friends? Pursuing a new hobby? Perfecting your golf or tennis techniques? Or do you love the challenges of working so much that you don’t see yourself ever retiring?

Your future life is a combination of your plans, experiences, personality, and knowledge gained along the way, along with your hopes, dreams and physical abilities.

Your Challenge

I challenge you to take the time to let your mind and heart dream about your future. That time when AARP sends you monthly invitations to join the club, Medicare reminds you it’s time to sign on, your financial planner asks if you’ve saved enough to fund your retirement. You know, it will all upon you whether or not you’re looking forward to it all.

Spend that time dreaming (my favorite place for that is a rocking chair; I’ve always been that kind of rocker), then as you flesh it out, write down your thoughts and feelings. Or use a dictation app on your phone, if you prefer.

After a little time, pull it back into your mind, and do a little more dreaming and thinking.

Then, start planning. If you’re married or have a significant person in your life, bring them in on it. It will affect their future, too.

Your future is before you. It’s going to come whether you plan for it or not.

Get Some Help!

My specialty is helping the age 50+ generation plan and take action for their life beyond their current career. I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about your thoughts and dreams. Together we can make your next season of life one to joyfully anticipate.