Post-Career Ideas

6 things to do post career

Are you stumped for ideas on what to do after you leave your current career? Do you plan to retire, continue to use your skills, or start a new career? You’re not alone. This free PDF will spark your imagination to the beginning of new adventures!

Get 6 Ideas for Things To Do Post-Career.

Goal Setting Guide

goal setting guide

If you’re like most people, you want 2021 to look different than 2020. Well, there’s only one way to make that happen – create your own future.

My friend and mentor Dan Miller has put together a free goal setting guide that will help you set goals in not one but 7 distinct areas of your life. He says this is the surest way to success, and I’ve found that he’s right!


48 Days to the Work and Life You Love

Dream Big

Business Made Simple

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You’ve felt the nudge to “do your own thing” for a while now (maybe even your whole life), but where do you start and how do you conquer the fear and overwhelm of starting your own business?

Dan Miller’s 48 Days Eagles Community helps driven, smart, creative individuals like you who are willing to take action to break free from monotony, find your true purpose, and create not only work, but a full life you thrive in