After all, it’s WORK! That implies labor, strain, hard time, requirement…

Work actually started in the Garden of Eden! God gave Adam the job of managing His perfect garden. We are intended to do productive work. It wasn’t intended to be a drudge or difficult, but instead another way to enjoy life and serve the Creator.

After Adam and Eve disobeyed Him, God drove them out of the Garden of Eden, setting guard angels to keep humans from coming back into that paradise. He told Adam that work would be difficult, there would be weeds (and bugs). It was no longer paradise.

However, God also gave us all unique jobs to do with out lives, which incorporate how He created us physically, the talents He gave us, our personality, life experiences and knowledge.

I have a friend who has a successful excavation business. He told me he has the best job in the world:  People pay him to drive big trucks, tractors, and earth-moving equipment to dig holes in the earth and then fill them back up. Pretty much the adult version of Tonka trucks! In the winter, he plows snow for local businesses, something he also loves doing. Now, at age 70, he’s easing out of the business, but retaining the snowplowing part.

None of his three children were ever interested in working in his business, but while a little sad, he and his wife are happy that they’re all doing work that is right for them. The oldest daughter is a wife, mother, and newspaper reporter. Their son is a husband, dad, engineer and works with a Christian camp. Their youngest daughter is a wife, mother, gymnast, and teaches children how to move and experience what all their young bodies will do in the gym.

The right work is a grand fulfillment of who you are. If you’re doing the right work but not feeling that fulfillment, you need to take an assessment of why. Is it really the right work? Or maybe the wrong company? Or boss?

If you’d like to talk about your life and explore options, contact me. The exploration and implementation journey is an adventure neither of us should miss.